Renew your vows

Elkaar nogmaals de beloften doen, maar nu puur ceremonieel samen met familie en/ of vrienden voor een onvergetelijke dag.

Renew your vows

Deze dag is één groot eerbetoon aan jullie huwelijk. Met je blote voeten in het zand, in een prachtige tuin of bij een verscholen pittoreske bar. Overal voel je de relaxte sfeer, de zon op je huid, het heerlijke eten en genieten op dit prachtige eiland met haar ontelbare strandjes, mooie baaien en groene heuvels. Vier het leven, de liefde en jullie relatie op Ibiza. Dit is onbeschrijfelijk en bijzonder. De ideale bestemming om jullie mooiste dag nogmaals te vieren.

You’re thinking about celebrating your special day on the beautiful Island of Ibiza – so, the first thing you need to know are the legal requirements.

Let’s take a look at the various scenarios:​

Can I legally marry in Ibiza?

If either of you are resident in Ibiza or of the Catholic faith then you can legally marry on Ibiza.
Couples, where one or both are Catholic, are able to legally marry in church. Residents of Ibiza are legally married in a civil ceremony at their local town hall.
Couples that don’t fall into either of these two categories will need to have a civil wedding in their home country.

One or both of us are Catholic, what do I need to do to organise my wedding?

If you are registered as a resident of Ibiza then your first contact will be with your local priest. He will guide you through the application process that is required buy the Catholic Church.
Alternatively if you are not resident on Ibiza your first point of contact would be with your own priest. He will make contact with the Catholic Church on Ibiza on your behalf and act as your liaison whilst also supporting you through the process of application. Part of the application process requires you to attend a ‘Preparation for Marriage’ course. And, as this is a legalised union, there is unfortunately quite a lot of paperwork, which can naturally take time to prepare. Please allow plenty of time for the process to take place and don’t make any firm commitments on other arrangements until a date for your wedding has been agreed with the Church

Neither of us are Catholic or Residents – what are my options?​

Following your civil marriage in your home country, you can organise your wedding ceremony on Ibiza. You can choose between a spiritual ceremony in your location of choice or you can arrange a religious ceremony through the Anglican Church based on Ibiza. What is a spiritual ceremony? This is a ceremony conducted by a spiritual coach and meditation leader. You have the freedom of choosing your location – on a cliff top, in a wooded glade, by the sea or at a luxury villa – and you can write your own vows.

What is involved in organising a religious ceremony?

Following your civil ceremony you can choose to take part in a ‘Sacrament of Marriage’ ceremony performed by the Anglican Church on Ibiza. The church regards this as a full marriage ceremony and it follows the marriage service prescribed by the Church of England.
A certificate of Christian marriage is issued and your marriage is registered in the Chaplaincy register of Holy Matrimony. It is not a legal document, hence a civil ceremony having to take place in your home country.
It is important to mention that the Anglican Chaplaincy (known on Ibiza as the English Speaking Church) will only undertake this ceremony in Church or at Can Truy.
Full details and information, including answers to frequently asked questions, can all be found on the Anglican Church website.

Documents required:

a copy of your civil marriage certificate
a copy of your baptism certificates (at least one of you should be baptised)
Please be aware that there are a limited number of weddings the church can perform each year, so always ensure you contact the Chaplaincy first to arrange a date, before confirming any other arrangements.

One or both of us are registered as residents in Ibiza – what are my first steps to organise a wedding?

You will need to contact the Spanish Civil Register (Registro Civil). You will find them located on Avinida Isidoro Macabich in Ibiza Town. This is where you will make your application to marry. Although you will marry in a civil ceremony, you can of course follow this with a blessing in church or hold a spiritual ceremony at a location of your choice.

We are a Same Sex Couple, what options do we have?

Spain has recently passed legislation that ensures all same sex couples can have a legally binding civil ceremony here if one of you is registered as a resident. Alternatively you can choose to have a blessing ceremony following your civil marriage in your home country.